Please take a look at the photos from the album.  Feel free to download any of the images for your personal use courtesy of  Barbara Wellington.  I am in the process of filling in the details beneath each image so please check this space again soon for more information.

Victorian Album pages include all the photos from the Album split into 4 sections.

Album Layout pages show where the photo are in the album.

Photo Index is a list of the names from the album. (Not in alphabetical order but page order).

Please fell free to roam the site.  However below is an example of how to find an image.

  1. 1)Go to Photo Index and find the name you are interested in. Note the photo number. (e.g. Rev Samuel Christmas Brown..Photo 10A)

  2. 2)Go to Victorian Album. Select page group (e.g. Page 1-12).  Scroll through until you find the photo number (known details are below the photo).

  3. 3)You can also go to the Album Layout pages to see the photo position in the album. (e.g. The woman in position 10B is not known, but as she is on the same page as Rev Samuel Christmas Brown it is likely she is his wife, Gertrude Mary Ann Sherer.

  4. 4)More detail may be on the Family Tree.

If you have any other details or comments about the photos  please feel free to email me below.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All images are the copyright of Barbara Wellington 2010..